February 28, 2011

Let me explain...

I can not say how sorry I am for being such a terrible blogger lately.  My last post on February 7th I mentioned that I went to the doctor, well it was more like the E.R. ~ and I did get some medicine.  At that time I was told I had a "virus".  Well in cleaning out my purse the other day looking for something I happened upon the papers that they gave me at check out.  I didn't even look at them, terrible of me.  I'm normally on top of things like that.  The paper work had said that I had an Upper Respitory Infection.  I've really not had a voice for over a month (and those of you who know me personally, I know that your giggling about that right now) this awful cough and my throat hurts I guess from trying to talk and coughing.

Sunday I woke up and my breathing was pretty bad, to the point that I was scared.  You see, I don't have insurance and I don't have a family doctor.  My Mother did get me an appointment with her doctor but that was not until Monday afternoon.  I woke Ricky up and off we went to the E.R. again. They gave me a breathing treatment and sent me home with some more prescriptions.  They want me to keep the appointment with Mom's doctor but to reschedule it for later in the week to give the drugs a while to work.

He did mention that I may need to see an Ear Nose and Throat Doctor.  I felt that it was headed in that direction, but what part of 'no insurance' did they not get.  So right now I am not allowed to talk at all and get plenty of rest.  That parts killing me, yes!!  I have a lot of ideas in my head right now that I want to get out on paper...  And of course the thought of the bills coming in is enough not to let me rest.  Thank goodness for the cough syrup with codeine! (he he he...)

But please know that I am still here - I am just not up to par right now.  But I hope to be back soon to show you lots and lots of paper crafts.  Just remember you can always look things up - I still have enough reading on my other blog for the past couple of years to keep you entertained.  Thanks everyone for your patience Ü

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Annie said...

Joani, so sorry you've been so sick! Sure hope you'll get better soon!