July 21, 2011

Apron Box Tutorial

Good afternoon everyone! 
I thought that today would be a great time to post my tutorial on how to make my apron box.  Then it gives you time to play around with it this weekend ~ yup, that's me...  Always thinking Ü

So are you ready?  Here we go!  And please remember that you can always click on a picture to make it larger - just remember to hit your back button to come back...
You will need a piece of sturdy cardstock that measures 5 3/4" x 11".  You are going to score the 11" side at 1/2", 5", 5 3/4" and 10 3/4".  Turn your paper to the 5 3/4" side and you will score it at 2 1/2" (as shown in the picture above, not all the way across) and at 5". 
Now you will cut away the pieces as shown above.  What you are left with is actually the piece that will be the front of the apron box.  I also like to cut the flaps on a slight diagonal.  I do this with all different boxes and such that I make ~ it gives it a better finished look without little pieces sticking out over. 
You will now add your adhesive.  Actually all you need is to put two strips down. For most of my boxes I like to use the red line tape because it is super sticky and I know that whatever I make will stay put together. 
You are going to cut away the top part of the box, this will now form an apron.  I actually used the side of my ATG gun to make the curve.  Keep these pieces, you will need them as a guide for the next step. 
You are going to flip your cardstock over and decorate it, this is the front of your apron.  I used the cut out pieces to help as a template to make the curves on the DSP.  This is actually DSP from the Stampin' Up!™ Summer mini called Nautical Expedition.  I beleive that I used a piece that was 4 1/2" x 4 1/2" and trimmed it up.  The bottom piece was 2 3/8" x 4 1/2" before trimming.    
Once you have added your DSP to the box you will want to punch holes in it to add the jumbo eyelets.   
I used about 8" of ribbon for the neck.  I just threaded it thru the eyelets and tied knots in the back.  You can tie the knots in the front if you like or if you prefer you can just add the ribbon and secure it with tape to the back.  You can cover the ribbon on the back with an extra piece of cardstock.  I just like the look of the knots  
Once you have added the ribbon to the neck fold the box up and adhere it together.  You will then take another piece of ribbon (I used approx. 12 inches) and wrap it around the middle of the box.  This will cover the seam where the two papers meet and give it a little more of a finished look. 
Almost done!  To cover the ribbon seam in the back I added a box that I made with an additional piece of ribbon and I was complete!! 

See the wonderful recipe cards that I made to go with this box?  They are made with the stamp set From the Kitchen of.  How adorable would that be to make this little box and a set of cards to give to a bride at a shower, or someone who is just moving out on their own.  Or even a new neighbor with a plate of cookies - and of course the recipe to go with them!  There are many, many ideas that spring from this set.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask, just send me an email.  If you'd like to order the supplies I used to make this box you can order them anytime 24/7 from my store HERE.

Thanks for stopping by and have a super great day!! 


Carrie said...

Thanks Joani, another great tutorial. Love it.

the Purple One said...

Thanks for the instructions! You did a great job!

Deb said...

Joani, this is awesome! all 4 of my niece's say a huge TY! to you for a wonderful idea as I made them all one for their wedding shower gifts.